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Mar 28, 2020
Hey guys

So i was thinking, i remember back a few years ago when there were a server who just launched this new mode on CS:GO that was called Rocket Jumping.
It was such a fun mode and the hours you spent there were always worth it, but the server shut down IDK why exactly but it randomly did and the Mode has never been released on another server.
The mode didnt have much recognition at the time and was only open for a period of time. But the server were always full and usually had people waiting to be able to connect. I've played almost every mode there is in general all over all games and i would say that this mode even beats my favorite mode called HNS.
Basically what the mode is, it is a version of the TF2 mode put into CS:GO. You have a shotgun that whenever you shoot you flies you away, and by timing and using certan pathways you can get a nice Time on the map your playing. It works the same as any Bhop/kz server but you Rocket jump around the Map. I think since there arent any servers that has this mode any more i would say it would be a big boost and even benefit the server a lot with new players and even old players checking the mode out.

Heres a link on what it looked like when it was out

I know this post is in discussion and not Suggestion, but i wanted too see other peoples feedback and thoughts on it. Personally i think it would be nuts. Very funny and new for a lot of players! 🥳 🥳 🥳
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