New website!


Staff member
Jan 29, 2020
Hi, our website has now been updated! We will from now on be using our new forums as our main-website! Some features added are:
- Live-serverlist
- Steam Authentication
- Server Integration
- VIP System

From today and on you need to login to our forums to be able to apply for admin, this is mostly for security reasons, but it also helps us track who is who, in both discord and on our gameservers. Every staff-member must have an account, so does VIPs, this is because of the fact that our forums now manages player-ranks in-game and in discord alongside with our fellow discordbot.

All you need to do to register, is to press the register button in the navigation bar, login with your steam account, and then you're done, you can now freely use it however you intended to!

We will be moving ban-appeals(?) and admin-applications to our forums, but support will still be held in discord, mostly because its quicker for almost everyone. Remember, don't be scared of appealing your ban in a !ticket, here in discord, we are still available!

- The website will be updated, its not perfect yet. Link to our forums: - see you. :)