Accepted [Application] - ☆MarcelP


New member
May 6, 2020
User name: ☆MarcelP

How old are you? 15

SteamID64: 76561198340875630

What server are you applying for : Retakes

Are you in our discord server? Yes

How long have you been a member of ours? On the normal retake server i have 130 hours and on the mirage server 30 hours. Its like more than a half year nearly daily playing.

Tell us about yourself: I apply now the third and last time. So im an friendly austrian guy who is 15 years old. I turn 16 in 5 months and i love playing retake and wingman. My wingman rank is right now legendary eagle. I have for sure more than 200 hours just on retake servers. I have right now 1129 hours on my main account. Im very active on this server. I play everyday like 1-2 hours. I only play csgo and a little bit fortnite with my friend. I also go to a higher school in zeltweg. Zeltweg is a small city in austria. Its a very hard school but in 1 month we have holidays and i also want to buy premium or whatever on faceit and on the playcore servers.

Why should we choose you as an admin?: Im not a friend of banning people just caus they are mad or have just a bad day, but i hate to see it when there are players on the server who are spinnboting or like hacking obvious. There is also no afk manager so its very annoying when there are people afk for like 20 minutes and u have to wait every round like 15-20 seconds to kill him or the bomb is exploding.

What are your personal weaknesses? My weaknesses are that im sometimes very tired and sometimes a have a lot of work for school to do so i dont have much time to play.

What are your personal strengths? Most of the times i can stay calm and friendly to the people who are hacking and say that they just should go. I also use voicechat on the server and its always fun to play with god, undel, wezz, faint ... . We are joking a lot and its like always fun playing retkakes.

Do you have any registered punishments on our servers? No

Do you have any previous admin experience? : No Im sorry for that point.

Can you benefit our community somehow? If so, how? : I just play every day and be friendly to everyone. If they are bad or just the best players in the world i respect them and there are nearly every week 2-3 cheaters who should get banned because its such a good server but with hackers its like unfair and less fun to play.

Anything else?: My last application was 6 days ago so im sorry for that 1 day but i couldnt wait because im a little bit exited. I was also a little bit sad when i heard that weZz got admin becaus i got 3 times more hours than him but hes a nice guy and i like him and play a lot with him. The first 2 times i applied was not that honest than in that one. Hoppefully u show love to me and give me admin. Thanks for reading. See Ya ;D


Jan 29, 2020
+rep good application, If I were the guy who manages applications I'd Accept.
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Retake servers will get a major update in the near future, expect awesome features and fixes, including a new ranking system :)